My favourite workout outfit

Yesterday I went to my normal Monday night Studio Lagree class near Moorgate tube station with my girl, C. I don’t know how many classes we’ve been to but it’s definitely a regular routine now! Our fav instructor, Shayna, teaches Monday nights. She’s the bomb.

Have any of you done Lagree yet? I brought a friend to the class recently and she said the machine looks like a torture machine. lol. SO true and it kind of is. You are on this crazy contraption, called a megaformer, and then those muscles until you’re shaking and kind of want to cry a little. But I SWEAR it’s the only reason I can see some abs poking through!

I rocked up in my favourite workout outfit – which happens to be head to toe Sweaty Betty. I received this workout outfit for Christmas. It is currently my favourite as it is sooooo comfy and also looks really flattering. I find that it’s nice to wear fun and flattering clothes to work out! It’s a different experience for everyone but when I feel like I look good I tend to work out harder. Is that weird? It’s kind of like when I see fit people in the gym….it pushes me to lift heavier weights, go that extra 10 minutes, or run a little faster.

Actually scratch that. I do not like running no matter what.

Sweaty Betty does great workout gear. I’ve only recently become a fan as I used to be a die hard Lululemon addict. But SB workout outfits feel a bit trendier these days which I am totally feeling.

Class was HARD yesterday. Now I’m lounging at home. In my leopard print slippers (obsessed…adorable and insanely comfy) and the cosiest cardigan. I got this cardy from Forever 21 in NYC in November. But I’ve linked some similar styles below. All very inexpensive and so cute!

Cardy: Forever 21 (old), similar here and here (both Asos)  |  Yoga cami: Sweaty Betty, coral colour is on sale and probably will buy this yoga top (love the wine colour…go figure)  |  Leggings: Sweaty Betty (sold out), similar style here (and reversible!) and on sale (but no mesh)  |  Slippers: UGG (sold out!) but found these which are pink and snakeskin embossed  |  Pilates socks (a gift from C)

Hope you all are having a good week!

  • I haven’t quite figured out what Lagree is but that machine looks scary lol! I haven’t actually ever bought anything from Sweaty Betty yet but I’ll definitely check them out when I’m home as my gym wardrobe could do with a revamp! xx


      I will admit the first class is a little bit intimidating. But they give all beginners a 5 minute intro to the machine. And you quickly get the hang of it after that. The class never really gets easier – but that’s good because it keeps challenging your muscles!! Next time you’re in London you will have to join us. And yes check out Sweaty Betty’s activewear….so cute!! xxM

  • Carli

    I’m loving my shout outs! 🙂 and I was laughing out loud at your running comment. Totally agree on SB – they have been nailing the styles lately and I’m obsessed with their ski wear (although can’t justify since I don’t really ski!!!)! Great post love! xx C

    • Mayling

      It was way more fun with you there!! 😘 And yea that running comment was for you also. Hate. It.

      Sweaty Betty ski wear is sooooo cute!! I wanted to purchase one of the outfits on Monday (bonus – they were having a sale) but my size was sold out online. The store in Canary Wharf told me they sent all their extra stock back to the central warehouse and it will probably be included in their next sale. So keep your 👀 out!!!!

      Thanks for reading lovey! xxM