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I’m getting married at the end of August this year!!!! Woo! It has been a really fun experience planning our wedding – lots of things I never realised you had to plan. (For example, the style of plates and chairs…?!?) 🤔 You’re basically planning one massive party so I guess what’s not to love! We’ve been engaged for over a year so I’ve had a lot of time to sort out the details each week and it has been pretty stress-free. I would recommend giving yourself plenty of time to plan. One of the things I was most excited for?….wedding dress shopping!!

Pinterest is a bride’s best friend

After we got engaged, I gave myself a week to just enjoy being engaged before I dove into bridal Instagrams and Pinterest. I actually think I waited a good few months before I started any wedding pinning on Pinterest because I just thought it would be too overwhelming. But let me tell you, Pinterest is the most amazing tool for brides! There are so many ideas – creative DIY or just details you hadn’t thought of before. And for the wedding dress shopping inspo….well the dress options are endless.

Wedding dress shopping

Once my fiancé and I decided on where we wanted to have our wedding and what kind of theme/ feeling we wanted, I created a few different boards in Pinterest to organise everything. I made the boards secret so that friends attending the wedding would still be surprised on the day. The boards were separated by topic just to keep myself organised – dedicated to flowers, table settings, decorations, gift bags, and of course the wedding dress. I even shared the boards with our wedding planner and then the flowers board with our florist.

This helped me kind of fine tune what I liked and eventually hash out the details that I loved (and of course I consulted with the fiancé, on everything apart from the dress, before making any final decisions!). If you are a bride, DEFINITELY use Pinterest. Because it is so much easier showing someone a picture of the dress or detail you love rather than try and explain it in convoluted words.

Wedding dress shopping

Researching dresses

Eventually I narrowed down my style for the dress. I can’t say much on here because the fiancé hasn’t seen it and won’t see it before the wedding! So I won’t be specific to my dress. But I looked at 1,000s of pictures on Pinterest to figure out:

1. Cut/ shape – I figured out the cut that I liked the most and thought would be most flattering on my body. Also take into consideration how comfortable you want to be and if you’d like to be able to eat the night before or not! 😉 Be honest with yourself. Don’t go with a shape that you’re going to try and fit into because you’re going to lose ‘so much weight’. That’s not healthy! Yes you should get into shape for your wedding (and your life) but don’t try to be stick thin. It’s not healthy or attractive. Plus what if you don’t actually make it to your goal? The dress then just won’t look right.

2. Features – Do you want the dress to have sequins, pearls, a dramatic train, sleek and smooth, minimal detail, lace, or unique colour? Try to find pictures of dresses with details you love. Even if you only like 1 aspect of a dress – the visual image will really help you when shopping (and help the sales consultants). And be open minded. There were SO many styles of dresses online and in the stores that I didn’t know existed. It was mind blowing. You never know – there may be something new to try that you will love!

3. Venue – Yea I thought this was weird but I was wrong. You should definitely consider your venue and what kind of feel you want for your wedding. Is it a city wedding – maybe you want a dress that is quite trendy or sleek? Or is it a rustic country wedding in which case you may want one that is more simple. The store (yayyy Solutions Bridal!!) I eventually bought my dress from went so far as to even research my venue online so that they also had an idea when I came into shop. I mean talk about VIP service! (More on them later.)

Wedding dress shopping

OH man! This was so much fun. I could not WAIT to start trying on dresses. All in all I went to 5 stores – 1 in London and 4 all over the US. 😂 I mean I was a bit of a fanatic about it. Everyone makes it seem like you’re supposed to know when you have tried on your dress. Which is just not the case. That is how it is in commercials. In real life, I just kept thinking to myself and my bridesmaids who came with, ‘sure, this dress is gorgeous. I feel pretty in it. But I don’t know if it’s THE dress.

How am I supposed to know?!’ If you get these feelings when you go wedding dress shopping, girlllll, I was right there with you. Do not fret! Because now I have my dress and I love it more than any others. I know it’s perfect for me but you don’t know that at the time.

Okay my loves…I hope that was helpful as a start. I will share with you the boutiques that I went to in another post! Can’t wait to show you the dress after August 🎀😉

  • Even though I’m nowhere near marriage, your advice was so awesome and real. I’m glad planning is stress-free for you. That’s one of my goals someday too. However, it’s becoming more appealing to do a small destination wedding of like 20-40 people. Then again, I have to consider my future husband’s thoughts, lol! I can’t wait to see your big day!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    • You recognising already you have to consider your future hubby’s feelings is an indication that you’ll be a great wife to him one day!!!! Matt and I have learned that through wedding planning. We need to meet in the middle. And sometimes that means one of us going for the option we don’t want but it’ll make the other happy. Good life lesson all around!!

      Stress-free wedding planning is the way to go!!!! Trying to document all of my advice 🙂 Currently drafting my tips on finding the perfect wedding photographer. Because I did! woooo!