Vegas Packing List

It’s been almost two weeks since my bachelorette party in Las Vegas. TAKE ME BACK!!! It was so special getting to hang out with some close friends from London and all over the US. 😍👯💞 I thought it would be a fun idea to share with you my Vegas packing list. Some items are a bit bachelorette / bride-to-be specific but the rest are all Vegas appropriate!! 🍹☀️🌵

The trip was so amazing! I felt completely spoiled with love, laughter and attention!!!! Honestly, my maid of honour did SUCH an amazing job planning it, I could not have imagined it going any better. ☺️ I have such incredibly friends who are willing to fly so far to spend time with me. I was so blown away!!


1. Pink lace dress – A really fun dress for going out to dinner and hitting up the clubs. I wore this one to Omnia where we danced to Calvin Harris all night!! (He was incredible!!)

2. Straw hat – These beautiful embroidered hats are so fun for the pool and beach. Personally I love this one that says ‘Vacay’ and it’s not as pricey as others I have seen around.

3. Trendy one-piece swimsuit – One-piece bathing suits are a great way to look great and not worry as much about those love handles/ jiggly bits. I love this black one with the cut-outs. The colour is also very flattering!

4. White bikini – A white bikini should be on every bride’s Vegas packing list! And for the non-brides too! As it makes you look more tan. (Just don’t pack one if you’re travelling with a bride. White is her colour!)

5. Frilly summer dress – Love this one from Topshop! Casual but still pretty.

6. Bluetooth speakers – Well it’s just not a party without tunes to jam to in the room. We stayed in the Venetian hotel which didn’t have speakers in the room (that we could find). But the rooms were huge and perfect, other than speaker issue!

7. Pool reading – What better way to unwind than reading a book which reminds you to stop giving so many f***$ for things that DO NOT MATTER.

8. Espadrilles – The ONLY shoes that my feet could bear another night in for clubbing and dancing until 5 am. #sorrynotsorry (Also they are on sale…here and here)

9. Flamingo inflatable – As it turns out, we couldn’t bring huge inflatables into the Venetian’s pools. But my MOH did come prepared with little pink flamingo drink holders. They were so fun to use!

10. ‘Bride’ hat – One of the ‘props’ I wanted for my bachelorette was matching hats for my girls and then a Bride hat for me. This was the one I went for except it was neon pink rather than white. (Because…why not?) I then bought my girls SQUAD hats. It looked epic as you can tell from the pic below….


Hope you find this Vegas packing list helpful!! It also applies if you’re travelling to the south of Spain, France, Ibiza, Dominican Republic, Mexico…you name it. Is there anything else you’d add to your own list? Let me know in the comments below.

  • I love everything so much, such a great selection of colours and I love that hat.

    • Hi love!! Sorry for the delay – took off a bit of time to get married and honeymoon 🙂 Thanks for reading this post. I’m glad you like the featured items!! Which hat is it that you loved – the Bride or the Vacay hat? Both are amazing and so fun. Why is it with slogan hats?

      Hope you’re well!


  • I love that ruffle dress, but after seeing it on several bloggers here in the States, I passed on it, lol!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    • Fair enough! I just loved how casual it is but also really pretty. I don’t have a ton of dresses that bring the two together!


  • Carli Watson

    Love, love, love this!! Makes me wanna go back now!!!! Although getting me super excited for Italy! I’m excited the flamingos made the cut!!! 😘

    • Aww thanks honey!!! I can’t wait for Italy either!!! Those flamingos were a big hit. Especially the pool races 😂💘


  • I want no.2, 3, 5 and 9 and why did the Venetian not let you have a flamingo inflatable? That would have seriously annoyed me especially since I became obsessed with them thanks to Carli! I just got a unicorn delivered and hoping to try her out next week 🙂 xx

    • Loubis & Leggings

      OMG I have an obsession as well!!! I adore them. Not surprised you mention Carli. She got me a white pegasus one for my birthday/ wedding. I can’t wait to break that bad boy open!

      I had so much fun creating this list! And you probably know better than anyone it applies to not only Vegas but any sunny, summer holiday. The hat and frilly dress aren’t very pricey. The dress in particular can also be found at Shein and it’s very affordable. Have you shopped from Shein before?


  • Those cute floating flamingo’s look so cute. It looks like you really had a good time!
    Almost wedding time I’m so excited for you!


    • Loubis & Leggings

      Aww thanks darling!! You need to pick up some floating drink inflatables yourself!!! A summer must have ☺️ The wedding is coming up really quickly. I cannot waiiiiiittttt! Hope all is well with you?!


  • Annaleid

    I love your packing list and the book you mentioned is amazing !! I need to get myself a frilly summer dress too 😊😊
    Xoxo Annaleid

    • Loubis & Leggings

      Aw thanks hun! Yes it’s a really good book that conveys all the right messages. Life is too short to worry about the BS. (In the nicest way!) Have you read the book yourself?

      You can also find the dress on Shein here. It’s not very expensive so it’s a great addition to your summer closet 🙂


  • Oh man, I would LOVE to go to Vegas someday. Loving those little pink inflatable drink holders! <3

    • Loubis & Leggings

      You HAVE to!!!! It’s so much fun. And to do it with your closest friends makes it even better ☺️ Are you traveling anywhere exciting this summer?


  • I’m glad you had such a fun trip! It looks amazing 🙂 That pink flamingo inflatible is awesome, and I definitely need one. I also love the black swim suit. I wish I had a body that could pull that off! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your upcoming wedding!


      Thanks darling! Really looking forward to the wedding. I love the flamingo too! And it’s rose gold!! My fav.

      The black swimsuit is beautiful! And the beauty of the one-piece is that is very forgiving. Try it! You may love it!!



      Thanks darling!! Yes isn’t the inflatable so much fun?! My MOH got me a different one for the wedding. So excited!!

      Have you ever tried a one-piece on like this? You may love it!! They are actually super flattering 👌🏼