Trying out Triyoga’s ashtanga yoga class

Yesterday we arrived back in London after a weekend away with friends – in southern Spain! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 The trip was full of 4 am nights and lots of wine, cocktails, cerveza and food. So I woke up this morning feeling like I definitely needed to get my yoga on. I’m on a ClassPass membership which allows me to try dozens of studios across the city. I’ve been to Triyoga before and I thought that Triyoga’s ashtanga class would be the perfect workout to ease me back into a healthy routine!

The Soho Studio 

The Triyoga Soho studio is located right off of Carnaby Street in Kingly Court. It surrounded by shops and restaurants so there is plenty to do before/ after class.

In my opinion, Triyoga is different from many of the other yoga studios on ClassPass. To me, it’s a more serious yoga studio. I’m not sure if it’s the incense burning when you walk in or the no-nonsense changing rooms. Which means you may run into girls who don’t shave their legs/ armpits (😱 so not my thing) but you can also be sure you will be doing yoga along experts and really learning the correct postures. It all depends on what you like but personally I like the more serious yoga classes (…as long as they are not too intimidating). I want incense, candles, ommms, and teachers who come around to adjust and challenge you. If that’s also what you’re looking for then you will love Triyoga!

The Locker Rooms 

So I briefly mentioned the no-nonsense changing rooms. That may be a slight exaggeration – because the locker rooms have almost everything you need…..lockers which lock (remember to bring a £1!!!! I NEVER remember 😂😂), hair dryers, showers, plenty of mirrors and even a coat rack for the winter months (nice touch). BUT there are no shower doors/ curtains. If you’re body conscious or shy about being naked in front of others – you will probably hate that aspect. I don’t mind – I just embrace it and laugh when I’m working out with friends. But note to Triyoga: how expensive is it to hang up a curtain rod?

The other thing that I would put in my ‘cons’ list is that shower towels are £1. I don’t get why any studio charges for the first towel. Sure, charge if I ask for 2 or more. But the first towel should be complimentary. It’s like restaurants charging for napkins?? I don’t get that at all. Luckily I didn’t sweat that much for this class (and I’m just hanging in my leggings all day) so I just changed after class and got on with my day.

The Yoga Rooms

I’ve only been in studio 1 for classes here – although I think all the rooms are pretty similar. I love the Tiffany blue walls – so pretty! Then the inside of the room is a crisp white with high ceilings. It’s a nice tranquil space. You practice on hard wood floors which is pretty standard.

The back of the room has all the yoga props you need – mats, blocks, straps, etc. All complimentary which is good (and expected!) And my favourite part of studio 1 is the little Buddha in the corner 🙏🏼 

Triyoga’s Ashtanga Yoga Class

Today’s Ashtanga yoga class was taught by Sarai Harvey Smith – she is wonderful! She has a really calming voice. And although you can tell she is a super yogi – she’s very relaxed and clearly just wants everyone to enjoy the class while challenging themselves.

I’ve been to two of her classes now and she is definitely one of my top fav yoga teachers in London. I highly recommend everyone try out her class! Get ready for a lot of sun salutations (my arms will be sore tomorrow!! woo!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼) mixed with balancing poses and back bends. It’s a great mix and is challenging but also very meditative.

The Shop

After Triyoga’s ashtanga class, I browsed around their little boutique which had a lot of fun workout and yoga related goodies. The items that caught my eye were sea salts for the bath (I use these and they are great at soothing aches etc), essential oils, Lululemon gear, and Swell water bottles. I LOVE my rose gold Swell bottle so I defo recommend.

There are so many fun things to peruse after you get out of class. Plus a huge wall of books that all do with yoga and healthy living. It’s so hard not to buy something!

Final Thoughts

It’s probably pretty obvious that I give Triyoga two thumbs up. The negatives are not so big to stay away from the lovely and peaceful environment that Triyoga offers. If you check out Triyoga’s ashtanga class, let me know what you think in the comments below!! Or if you’ve been before, tell me what you think ☺️

  • I really think I’d like yoga more if I had kept up with my flexibility from my dance years, but I like your honest review on this yoga studio! I agree that they should’ve given you a complimentary towel and the analogy you used about restaurants charging for napkins is on point!

    Totally laughed at “I want incense, candles, ommms” LOL!!!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    • Glad I can bring some laughter to your day!!!! Yea it’s one of those yoga studios that feels super authentic. I love it! And I’m always sore after wards (love that feeling!).

      Did you do any gymnastics when you were younger? That helped me a bit with flexibility. But I think I mainly love yoga because it’s my form of meditation. I escape when I’m in yoga class. I forget about work, forget about stress, and I just relax with myself. I really enjoy that aspect of it. I won’t say it’s ‘spiritual’ because I like to avoid those kinds of phrases but it is a wonderful way to spend time finding some mindfulness.