My own ‘say yes to the dress’ moment

Say yes to the dress

The other day I shared on the blog the first half of my experience with wedding dress shopping. It includes a lot of tips in terms of what to keep your eyes out for when dress shopping! Make sure to check it out (you can click on the bold text above – all bold text = links). 😊 Today I’m sharing where exactly I went shopping for my wedding dress and my own say yes to the dress moment.

First stop….in London

The first store I went to for dresses was Les Trois Soeurs in Canary Wharf, London. The shop is smaller than I had pictured but it is gorgeous. With beautiful crystal chandeliers and luscious leather couches. I truly felt like a little princess trying on dresses here with my maid of honour and a bridesmaid. The sales associates were so lovely offering us water and letting me try on any dress I wanted. They were not pushy at all which was fab! At the end of the day though, the prices were way above what I wanted to pay and there wasn’t anything that I thought stood out enough to me.

Perhaps I’d have better luck in the US (this was pre-Brexit so the exchange rate was more in my favour!). I went to 4 different bridal stores in the US and overall the prices were much better on the wallet. It was my first time exploring the Cincinnati bridal district with one of my best friends and bridesmaid Vanessa. We’ve been friends since high school so if anyone knows my style and what I like/ dislike it’s definitely her!!

Visiting the ‘Bridal District’ in Cinci

Vanessa planned for me to try on dresses at 2 different stores – including European Bridal and Bridal & FormalEuropean Bridal was a bit of a disappointment. They had lovely dresses but they just weren’t really my style. I also thought they could have a much bigger and wider selection. But their store was absolutely stunning and very dreamy. The dressing room is what dreams are made of (see pic above!). The sales associates were nice and very accommodating. 😂

wedding say yes to the dress

Bridal & Formal was incredible! Okay, admittedly, I thought the store looked a bit like a warehouse. You are able to go through the racks on your own to pick out the dresses you want to try on. A bit overwhelming at first but it was super fun! My poor Vanessa was so patient! And really helpful – you need a friend to go with you who is honest but won’t overwhelm you with their criticism. I tried on perhaps 20+ dresses. It was exhausting! And I didn’t walk away with a dress but it turns out I had found my dress here and tried it on. Also shout out to Joan B – my maid of honour’s mom – who came to see me in the dress AND she brought wine 🍷 🍷 🍷.  Like mother like daughter. Love them!

As part of my bridal dress shopping I HAD to try Kleinfeld in New York City. Most of us girls have caught the show ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ (the US version not the UK version). It was a great experience and they do have a million dresses. The store is so popular that all the main areas were really over crowded. And while it did seem to be a personal experience, they didn’t seem bothered if they got my sale or not.

‘Say yes to the dress’ at Kleinfelds

I tried on ‘my dress’ at Kleinfeld (same dress as the one I tried on in Ohio) and it was even at a lower price which was surprising being that it is NYC. I was pretty close to buying it from Kleinfeld that day but I wanted a night to sleep on it before I had that ‘say yes to the dress’ moment. But the next day was Father’s Day, so the store decided to close to honour the holiday. (A lovely gesture and we should all honour fathers in that way. But it would have been really nice if someone had told me that they would be closed!)

Unfortunately, I had to fly back to London the next day. I exchanged some emails and calls with Kleinfeld after that visit to see if I could order the dress remotely. But it became a huge hassle (🇬🇧: faff) and Kleinfeld refused to take responsibility if the size of the dress ordered didn’t work. That seemed a bit cheeky especially when spending so much.

say yes to the dress

Instead I researched for bridal salons in Orlando as I was travelling there in another month with my fiancé and his kids. I found Solutions Bridal which carries the exact designer and dress I was looking for. I called to make an appointment and the person I spoke to asked for details about the wedding. Even the name of the wedding venue – which seemed a little odd. But I soon discovered it was all about their VIP treatment that they give to all their brides.

Sunshine state for the win

I went to my appointment at Solutions Bridal and met with Tali Gallo who is just lovely!! She clearly had already looked up our wedding venue online and gushed over it to me with the other girls. (I mean what bride doesn’t like being gushed over?!) Their whole point for asking was to get a sense of what atmosphere / mood the wedding will have and keeping that in mind with the style of wedding dress. Tali helped me get measured, figure out the best underwear garments to wear with the dress, a last peruse of the dresses to make sure I had the one I wanted and pick out and get measured for a veil.

It was just the perfect experience. And when I did say yes to the dress all the girls wanted to celebrate with champagne! (They really knew the way to my heart.) But I had to pass as I was driving after. Now that was about 10 months ago and I’m still in touch with Tali. She made sure that my dress and veil were made exactly how I wanted. Then had them premium shipped to my brother’s apartment in NYC. She even found me a recommended alterations boutique in London for my fittings. (FYI it’s Alterations Boutique.)

The lovely Tali

I feel like I have known Tali forever which just goes to show how amazing the service at Solutions Bridal is! She still emails me regularly and we follow each other on Instagram and Facebook. She’s also been so supportive of this blog! I don’t know how she manages to do all of this for all of her brides and still do her day job. If you live in Florida or are travelling there any time soon – please, please, please go check out their store. And give Tali a huge hug from me if you see her!

I hope this has been useful! Probably a lot of rambling on about dresses and shopping for too long. But you know what? That is what you get with me/ this blog. hahaha

Tell me about your own wedding dress shopping experience! I’ve heard Pronovias also does amazing dresses and their prices seemed great. Did you have a ‘say yes to the dress’ moment?


  • abigail

    I love reading about weddings and as soon as I saw the title to your post I knew I had to read it, I am so pleased you finally found the right dress!

    Abigail |

    • Hi Abigail! I love reading about weddings too. And I enjoy the pictures even more 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my post. I saw on your blog that weddings are ‘on your mind’ in that section of your blog. I mean it’s hard for them not to be! They are basically a huge party with your loved ones where you get to wear the most fabulous dress ever!! It’s awesome. That being said, it’s still a big deal. I’m sure you already know this, but definitely don’t rush into it! You have to find the right person to share that, and the rest of your life, with.

      I’m just getting back into my blogging and social media posts after the wedding and honeymoon. The dress was so stunning I loved it so much! And the wedding itself just went so well. I’m going to be sharing more of my experience and advice on the blog, hopefully you find good advice to keep in mind when you do get married. My first one after returning is about my simple tips to keep in mind when planning….

      Have a fab Thursday dear!!


  • The Sunday Mode

    As soon as I read ‘say yes to the dress’ I clicked on this post immediately, I’m not even necessarily a wedding loving kind of person (probably because I am SO far from own) but man I love that show and I love seeing people find their perfect dresses. That’s awesome that you found your dress and to be honest, it’s on my bucket list just to visit Kleinfeld’s one day even if I buy nothing…

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Hi Julia

      I know exactly how you feel!!! First off, wedding dresses (most of them at least) are SO pretty. It’s hard not to watch people try them on. And on top of that wedding dresses mean something more – there’s so much emotion behind them which you can see on ‘say yes to the dress’ it’s addictive to watch!

      Kleinfeld’s was really so much fun! I mean, it was chaotic and on a non filming day. I think that show has really brought them a ton of business. But they do have an incredible selection and their associates are very knowledgable. You and your girlfriends should just pretend like you’re engaged and go! hahaha it would be a fun experience. What has been your favourite episode so far? I love when the family cries – tears of joy. So sweet!


  • Awww, I love hearing about great service like that!!! SO glad you found your dress, love!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    • Loubis & Leggings

      Thanks doll!!!! I can’t wait to show the world!! Only 46 days from today!!! woooooooo xxxx

      • How exciting!!! I can’t wait to see pictures from your big day! xo


          Aww thank you love!!! I’m so excited to share them with you 🙂

        • Loubis & Leggings

          Woooo! I can’t wait either 🙂


          • 40 days now!!! 😀

          • Loubis & Leggings

            Haha omg it’s so real. We decided on our first dance song this weekend. Ahhhhhhh!!! SO EXCITED!! 💃🏻

          • How exciting!!!

          • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tali sounds lovely! I can’t believe the first shop only offered you water – I would have been like erm excuse me I only drink champagne hahaha!!! I can’t wait to hear all about the dress – you are going to have the most amazing wedding 😉 xx


      Hahahahahaha that is a GREAT point!!!! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that…..🤔 Tali is incredible! I adore her. I’m going to Florida for a wedding in October and already am trying to plan a visit to the store to see her and the girls. Did you get your wedding dress in the UK or abroad? Still can’t believe I’m getting married at your same venue!! xxx

    • Tali is literally the best thing hat happened to me during wedding dress shopping!!!! Love love love her!!

      I still can’t believe we are getting married at your venue. Of ALL the places in Italy. But I really cannot wait!!!