My red soled shoes obsession

Christian Louboutin’s signature red soled shoes are the epitome of luxury and fashion for me. (Also Chanel handbags but one thing at a time….) I became obsessed with the stilettos in high school when I read about the Louboutin brand in my Vogue one month.  The elegance of the red sole and the beautiful craftsmanship of the shoe had me hooked. They are gorgeous!!! And I have lusted after them ever since.

I got my first pair for Christmas 2013 from my boo and sweetheart of a fiancé. I mean, he is a great listener to remember I loved these shoes. Honestly, total sweetie.

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to start a ‘lil mini collection of my own of beautiful red soled shoes (most have been gifted by my boo; a couple pairs I purchased on my own). The shoe wall in our closet is seriously my happy place.

Do I think that Loubs are worth the price tag?

This is a really personal question. For me, the shoes represent more than just a shoe. They give me a whole air of confidence that I don’t feel when I’m in my trainers or my Uggs. They make me stand up taller, spend more time on my make up, actually do my hair for a night out….they make me feel like the fancy girl that I always wanted to be. Oh! …and the whole experience of shopping for them and trying these beauties on….well, it’s just the best.

I recognise they are expensive and I count myself super lucky that I have my ‘lil collection. But I also think that the shoes are just so beautiful that I’ve clearly overcome the price tag to snag a few. The price tag won’t be for everyone and maybe not the style. However, I will say that the brand has so many different styles that fashionistas from all parts of the world will find something they love. Whether you are going for a classy, sexy, romantic, punk or edgy look….you will find a shoe that fits. (Ha terrible pun but I had to go there.)

What are my favourite styles?

I will fully admit that I am not very trendy. I like some trends. But only if they are trends that really land with my personal style and are trends that I don’t see fading quickly. I don’t enjoy following trends just because they are “in”. Seriously, I had enough of feeling like that in high school. I love the Loubi classic pumps….Pigalle is my favourite style. And I read somewhere that they were also Christian’s favourite?! I could be making that up…but I like to think that I’m his kindred spirit. If he needs a muse I am willing to be that person.

Red soled shoes with studs

I’m getting married in August 2017 and I have been drooling over bride-like shoes. How beautiful are these espadrilles?! These shoes would probably be pretty comfy for wedding day shoes given the wedge heel (although that is some serious height!) And these studded heels for my bachelorette in Vegas…swoon! (They are actually so gorgeous on and really comfy.

If you know me, you’ll know I just cannot get enough leopard print. This shoe says to me edgy glamour like crazy. I did buy a pair of Loubs for my wedding day. But those will have to be a surprise until 26 August! 😉 I’ve linked a few others that I’m currently drooling over in the widget below!

Alright loves. I can’t wait to hear about all the other Loubi lovers out there. What’s your favourite pair of red soled shoes?? Lots more to come! Including a special on Loubi dupes.

Until next time…. xxM

  • Lovely post! (I saw it on Female Bloggers RT’s Twitter)…This resonates with me as I also feel that way about sunglasses (especially Chanel ones!) ~Monica

    • Aw hi Monica!!! Thanks so much for checking out my blog 🙂 I also love Chanel sunglasses! (Well Chanel anything really….) They are so beautiful and well made. I saw a pair a couple years ago with rhinestones on the sides and had to buy them. lol. Hope you enjoyed the post!


  • Carli

    Yay! Love this!!! I remember that photo – shoe heaven!!

    • Mayling

      That was my favorite day! 😊😘👯💕🍾🥂 xxM