Last night I went to dinner with one of my dear friends Ola. It had been a while since we caught up, so dinner was long overdue! 🍻👯💕 And it was just perfect! We had a nice yummy dinner at Dim T near Tower Bridge in London and just caught up on life. When she saw me, she commented on how great I looked and how I had glowing skin.

Glowing skin guideIt got me thinking about what I’ve done to change my skin over the past few months and I wanted to share this with you all! Especially because my tips are pretty easy to incorporate into your regular routine.

Buy Yourself This Eye Cream Immediately

I found this Kiehl’s eye cream through another blogger that I follow, Emily Ann Gemma from The Sweetest Thing. She is a pretty big deal especially compared to my little mini blog 😹😹 She’s actually the blogger who made this look easy and inspired me to start in this blogging business (serious #girlcrush). Boy was I wrong about the easy part! But I am loving it so SO much and learning a ton. I summed up the top things I’ve learned so far in this post about Learning to Blog.

Anywho, Emily not only has great style but her makeup is flawless. I’ve found her tips and recommendations to be really helpful and usually right on point. Now you have to keep in mind that everyone’s skin is very unique so you will have to figure out what is best for you.

This Kiehl’s eye cream (serum? concentrate? miracle worker?!) was recommended for getting rid of dark under-eye circles and fine lines. And BOY DOES IT WORK!!! Dark under-eye circles can be genetic and are usually caused by a lack of Vitamin C. I have a pretty dark under-eye area. This cream somehow miraculously fixes the issue. I mean I wish I could have taken before and after photos to prove it. And I was definitely skeptical! But I’m just amazed every day when I look in the mirror before doing my make-up. It’s pretty insane.

I put the cream on after cleansing, exfoliating and toning. Use your ring fingers to apply (as you don’t want to pull the delicate skin under your eye) and make sure it’s all blended in. Then continue with your face moisturiser and your make-up routine. I do the same in the evening (obvi sans make-up). The cream sometimes tingles a bit – sometimes it’s more intense like little needles – but pretty sure that means it’s working. I absolutely love this cream and I will continue to always use it!! I might mix it up with an intense serum for my nighttime routine. (Especially for those pesky smile lines.)

Go For Regular Facials with a facialist you trust

I started doing this after my good friend (and one of my bridesmaids!) Kim said she was starting a regular facial routine. After she had gone to her spa a few times and pointed out how reasonable the price was, I decided to give it a go. This is one of the best things I have done for my skin!

Glowing skin guide
We go to Circle Spa in Shad Thames, London. It’s just a cute little spa that has an attached gym. They only have 2 treatment rooms but it’s perfect. I go for the 75 minute deep cleansing facial which I believe is £60 a session. And if you buy a package of 5 facials you get the 6th one free. I have never found a place that can do facials at this price so it’s great.

I started off going every 2 weeks which was recommended by the initial facialist I saw. Yuuuuup I guess my skin was that bad. (Insert blame on former employer.) Then I moved to seeing her just once a month. She’s now left but I’m currently seeing Vickie and she’s just lovely. The products they use are by Elemis and Dermalogica which are both lovely and get results. If you do decide to start seeing Vickie – make sure you mention you found her through my blog! 😊

The other benefits that go along with getting regular facials is that 1, you stop touching your face as much because you don’t want your facialist to yell at you 😹 and 2, you’re better at washing off your makeup every night and doing all your night creams/ serums/ concentrates (because you don’t want said facialist to judge you). Win win.

If All Else Fails, Use This Magical Concealer

I used to do my make-up without concealer. Looking back, I have no idea why that was. I probably just didn’t know what product to use and didn’t apply it correctly…so then I didn’t bother. But this Kevyn Aucoin concealer is seriously magical. It’s very pigmented so you really just need a teeny, tiny amount. Which means the pot will last you ages (good thing, because it is not cheap). I’ve linked to the concealer on Nordstrom’s site but for my Brits you can pick it up from Space NK. That is where I picked mine up and actually they gave me a little sample pot to try out to make sure I liked it. Make sure you get colour tested!

Glowing skin guide

I’d also recommend getting this Iconic Evo brush to apply it. It just is a bit of a game changer when it comes to blending. It’s also a really pretty rose gold. It does look like you’re brushing your face with a toothbrush but if that’s what I have to do for that airbrushed look then I will take it! FYI these brushes are less expensive versions of the Artis brush. I have not used the Artis brush but everyone seems to be gaga over it. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the price so the Iconic brushes will do. If you want more info on these brushes let me know! I will probably do a more in depth review in the future.

This concealer really is a miracle worker. If you get colour tested make sure you get the one you want for your look. For example I like to have that brighter under eye look compared to my foundation – it adds a bit of depth and I look like I just chugged 5 cups of coffee…awake! But perhaps you want it to match your foundation a bit more. I have been getting quite a few comments about how fresh eyed I look and how I have glowing skin. I honestly think it’s mainly this concealer that is fooling people. Guess I’m getting my money’s worth!

Your glowing skin guide

As many of you may know, I quit my job at a big accounting firm at the end of October. Since then I have been focusing on a life of less stress and following the things I’m really passionate about in life (enter ….the creation of this blog ☺️) So, yes, not having an insanely stressful job has definitely helped in my ‘journey’ to achieving glowing skin but I would be that paired with the three tricks I’ve listed in this post. Not everyone has the luxury to take a sabbatical off of their job/ career to pursue their life passions. I know that and I am extremely lucky for that! But you can get your ideal skin by implementing other practices. (Although if you hate your job I would recommend you pursuing another career anyway! Not just for the healthy, glowing skin!)

Glowing skin guide
But follow the tips above and I guarantee you will be feeling better about your skin. And friends will be complimenting you on your glowing skin! (Remember to also eat well, drink water and workout.)

Do you have any holy grail products or tips for glowing skin? Share them with me in the comments below! I’m always happy to have more recs.