The Mulberry sample sale starts next week! 

Ladies & gentlemen! This is your public service announcement…📣🔊📢 The Mulberry sample sale starts on Monday 24 July 2017!!!! 🎉🎊🎀🛍🛒 Keep reading to see how you can get your own personal invite!

The Mulberry sample sale is located near Bond Street tube station in London. This will be my first year attending. Not that I need another handbag 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I decided it would be a good event to blog about for YOU! That way you get some insight into the products and deals offered (provided they let cameras in…).

How to get your personal invite to the Mulberry sample sale

In order to get on the invitation list for the Mulberry sample sale, please leave a comment on this blog post saying you’re interested in attending. You’ll also need to leave your name that you’d like on the list and your email (which will be kept private) in the comments.

Mulberry sample sale

My favourite Mulberry bags

My very favourite Mulberry bag is the small zipped Bayswater which is also pictured above in this post. It’s a great size for work or for play. And comes with a shoulder strap so you can sling it over one shoulder for a more casual look. If they have this at the Mulberry sample sale, we might have a problem. 😱

Other pretty bags:
Bayswater grained leather satchel
Lily glossy leather crossbody clutch

  • Um, have fun for me!!! If you nab a red one, I’ll just call you Lydia Jr., haha!!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    • LOL! I’m not a huge fan of the red one. But this beige one….holy moly it’s so pretty! I’ll let you know how it goes. Going to try and remember to get it on Insta stories. Really hope it’s not too chaotic otherwise I’m going to be throwin’ ‘bows!!!!


  • hannah

    Yes please! This is so awesome 🙂 have been eyeing up the mini Lily! they’re so cute 🙂
    Have sent you a DM on Insta xxx

    • Lovely! I’m going to sign us up for Wednesday. Woohoo! Will message separately about lunch etc. I’m excited to finally meet!!


  • Cristina Criddle

    Hiya, sign me up please! Cristina Criddle on 🙋

    • Hi love! Wonderful! Can you let me know which date would work best for you? At the moment, there is only availability on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (26th-28th). You can attend anytime from 8AM-8PM. If you can respond with the day that works best I will add you to the list. Thanks!!


      • Cristina Criddle

        Ah I’m only free on Monday then abroad! 🙁

        • Oh darn I’m so sorry hun!!! Well I’ll still add you to the list so you get the invite next year 🙂