Gift guide // What to buy the men in your life

Anyone shocked that Christmas is only a little over 6 weeks away??!!? I AM. Hanukkah is even sooner for all my Jewish friends out there. And I’m having the same struggle ever year – what in the world do I buy for the hubs? So I thought I would help everyone out and put together a mens gift guide to help ease your holiday shopping.

mens gift guide

1. Winter accessories – I love this sleek wool coat from AllSaints. A smart coat is a wonderful gift, especially as we head into the winter season. This coat is very classic but also slightly trendy. It will last many seasons/ years. I’ve also included some more budget friendly options in the widget below. I’ve also linked some smart gloves and scarves that make great gifts.

2. Apple airpods – This is one of the BEST purchases I have bought for my husband. He, like most guys and like me, loves tech gadgets. And when Apple comes out with something new – you know you probably need it. “Need” it. I got these wireless AirPods for him last Christmas and they were delayed in being released until maybe June 2017. WORTH IT. He now can’t live without them. They are so cool I’ve asked for a pair for this Christmas! If you guy isn’t keen on the Airpods, I’ve also included some other very cool headphones below.

3. Watch – A nice watch adds class to any outfit. I love Larsson & Jennings. I actually have the rose gold version of this for women. How great is this leopard print one?? It’s wonderful quality and is wayyyyyy easier on the wallet than TAG or Breitling. You can also change the straps really easily and – voila – it’s a new watch!

4. Holdall bag – These are great bags for guys. For either taking to the gym or as a carry-on bag for flights. I’ve been looking for the perfect one for the hubby and it’s hard because he’s particular on the leather and quality. But I’ve picked a few that I like in the widget below.

5. Dress shirts and ties – Boys always seem to need more dress shirts. TM Lewin are great quality and usually great prices. Check out their website as they usually offer volume discounts (….buy 3 get xx off). Check out the ties I’ve linked as well as a two part gift with the shirt.

6. Flask – Because who doesn’t need a tartan flask? lol. I always think a flask is a fun idea. It’s one of those things where you have moments in life where it would be the perfect time to have a flask on you. But not an item that people tend to have on hand. This is a fun one – perhaps a stocking stuffer!

7. Comfy boots – Randomly I was looking at men’s shoes and stumbled on these Ugg boots. Aren’t they great?! I really like them for guys and I’m sure they are super cozy given they are Ugg. I also found some great Chelsea boots and other styles linked below.

8. Wireless speakers – An amazing gift for guys or girls. Wireless speakers seemed like a phenomenon about 5 years ago and now it seems there are a million kinds out there. Bose are the leaders in sound and these speakers follow suit. The volume gets so loud that we actually used this exact model for the music at our rehearsal dinner. It was great!! Also great when hanging poolside or when you want music following you around the house.

9. Face wash / grooming products – Kiehl’s is a wonderful brand that I love to use. Men tend not to be as into their skincare compared to women. So gift-giving time is a great chance to get them to try new skincare brands and find something they may love. Kiehl’s has various ranges geared for men specifically. The hubs really likes this moisturiser and I’ve also linked the face wash from the same line.

10. Cufflinks – One of my favourite things about the way British men dress is that they always wear double-cuffed shirts with cufflinks to work. It looks so great!! Cufflinks are a great little gift and they can range from very nice (i.e. the Mulberry ones in the collage above) to less expensive such as Ted Baker or Paul Smith. I’ve linked quite a few below and these always make a really nice gift!


Loubis & Leggings pro tip: Another amazing gift, which I haven’t linked anywhere here, is an experience gift. If you’re shopping for someone you have known many, many years, whether it is for your other half, your dad, or your brother, you’ve probably already purchased all of the above gifts at some point. And you want to try something different. I totally get that. Because gift-giving isn’t completely self-less. It feels good to give to others and see their faces light up. So if you need a more creative idea, figure out what the person you’re buying for loves and see if there is an outing that exists that you could take them to. Here are some ideas that I’ve done in the past:

– Tickets to a sporting event (rugby, football, tennis)

 – Tickets to a concert or stand up comedy night

 – Drifting lessons (the hubs loved this one for his birthday. I booked through Learn2Drift and they were wonderful.)

 – A trip somewhere! Because being able to explore the world is one of the best gifts ever


I hope you find this mens gift guide useful. If you have any other good ideas please leave them in the comments below!!! Because I am always racking my brain to make sure I get the best gift for my guy.



  • i love the idea of the flask! so cool!

    • Isn’t that a fun item?! Haha first it’s a flask. And second it has this amazing tartan/ plaid on it. I almost want one for myself!


  • Cufflinks and that Coat is something my husband will love. Loved this post babe.x

    • Aw thanks honey!! They are such great pieces and will seriously last. I’m all about quality over quantity!


  • I am sure men will love all of this. Most men nowadays are into technology and gadgets. I can imagine how fun it will be using your picks for up coming gifts.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

    • Yessssss technology and gadgets – I totally agree! I think it’s because those items feel more like toys. Whereas, clothes are just clothes. Although some guys do get excited about new clothing pieces! (And some just appreciate that you’ve done the shopping for them. Haha)


  • Men are so awkward to buy for. I never know what to get hubby as he never wants anything! Xx

    Toni | sheergloss

    • Hahahaha I love that you use the word ‘awkward’. Totes! What has been the best gift you’ve gotten him in the past? I need more ideas!


      • I don’t think I’ve gotten him anything exciting (well not in my eyes). If it’s smellies though (aftershave), I’ll always make sure it’s a luxurious one. xx

  • Yiotou_La

    Great list of products!! It is so difficult to buy gifts for my fiance so this is extremely helpful 🙂


    • Haha gurrrrl I know what you mean! For some reason I find boys so hard to buy for. Probably because he doesn’t talk out loud about what he wants as much as I do! lollll


  • Ms Tantrum

    Such a lovely post. My husband would love Wireless speakers. It’s on his wishlist too.


    • Those are one of my faves on the list! To be honest, it’s a great gift because you can use them as well 🙂


  • Marina Jurcic

    I adore your picks. So helpful for the upcoming holiday season 🙂

    • Aw yay I’m glad you think so! Let me know if the items inspire any of your gift shopping!


  • Love your picks! I’m a big fan of Kiehls!


    • Me too! They do such wonderful products – for men and women. I can’t get enough! Thanks for reading.


  • I am loving that wool coat! It is a little different and more modern than what I am used to seeing. This is a great gift guide but I also love your idea about getting the guys in your life an experience. These days I’d rather do something with someone I care about than get physical presents!

    • Yesssss I totally agree about the experience gifts! It’s a great way to create lasting memories. What’s the most creative experience gift you’ve given?


      • I wouldn’t consider it super creative but I took my bf to the city for dinner and to see his favorite hockey team play last year!

  • that long blazer looks really nice. I think this is a great gift guide!
    The Color Palette

    • Aw thank you! It’s a good one. Do you have any other fave gift ideas for guys? I’m always looking for more suggestions 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.


      • I feel like watches are always a winner. But one time I gave my boyfriend a little statue of one of his favorite anime characters and it’s his favorite so far. If your guy likes comics or video games that can work