A makeup masterclass with Giorgio Armani

On Monday, I went with my friend Kate to a makeup masterclass with Giorgio Armani beauty in Covent Garden. It was a complimentary event that Kate found through a magazine (maybe Stylist UK?). It turned out to be more of a private makeup lesson with one of their artists which was super fun!! armani makeup I’m a huge beauty junkie and love finding new, amazing products or just new hacks/ tips! Giorgio Armani is a new beauty brand for me. So I was really excited to discover more!

The pop-up

The shop is located in the heart of Covent Garden…just steps away from Shake Shack and Lauderée (dangerous!!). It’s a small little shop but it holds all the beauty items you could ever need. As it’s a temporary shop, the final date is not yet set so make sure you visit as soon as you can!

Giorgio’s makeup masterclass

I was curious about the base products in the Armani beauty line – primer, foundation, bronzer, blush etc. For my makeup masterclass I had Yves do my makeup who was this lovely Taiwanese man who has lived in London for numerous years. He was so knowledgeable about the brand and makeup in general that I was in awe of his talent. Here are the products that Yves used on me….



Cheek tint

Eyes & brows

My new favourite product

It is hands down this cheek tint in shade 05. It gives me this flush that makes me look like I’m naturally blushing and have this incredible glow. The tint is really easy to use – just pat it on/ above your cheek bones and up towards your temples. (Remember with blush you don’t want too much on the apple of your cheeks. Otherwise helllllllo doll face!)

Let out your inner Gigi

I was super impressed with my and Kate’s makeup looks after our makeup masterclass. It was us but just prettier. Very natural but with a supermodel glow. (lol…is that an oxymoron?) I’d definitely recommend paying a little visit to this pop-up. Just remember to call ahead to book your complimentary makeup masterclass. Yves was so sweet he has even offered to give me a complimentary makeover in a month’s time for my birthday. 😊💅🏼💋

Let me know if you visit Yves + team! And what you think of the Armani pop-up in the comments below….

  • Awww, that was so sweet of Yves to do that for you! I love the idea of pop-ups. I’ve been working the Armani Power Fabric slowly into my makeup routine (just around my nose, lips and under my eyes) and am loving it! Sidenote, makeup, Shake Shack and Lauderée all belong in the same sentence and I’d be broke and gain so much weight if we had all those shops right next to each other here in the States, lol!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    • HAHAHAHA such an amazing strip of stores/ food places right?! Confession I went to Lauderèe yesterday and allowed myself 2 macarons. I just don’t believe in restricting myself too much. (Although yesterday maybe I could have cut back a biiiiiiit). Oh well!

      The Power Fabric has been pretty good to me! I wonder sometimes if I should be using the Luminous Silk in the summertime. But if I use primer before and then powder after it seems to hold up pretty well! Have you tried the Luminous Silk?