Glossier Haul // First Impressions

Glossier haul - beautyOMG it’s day 3 of suffering from food poisoning (again this year) and I’m still in pain! The only thing that is making me happy is going through my recent Glossier haul. As probably everyone in the world, and their moms, know – Glossier is finally in the UK. Hallelujah!

After hearing so many bloggers and Youtubers go on and on about how amazing Glossier was, I felt I needed to try it out for myself. I hemmed-and-hawed for a bit deciding what products to buy and finally cut the shopping basket down to 4 items. NO idea how I showed such self-restraint!!! Go me!

Anyway, here are my first impressions of everything in my Glossier haul.

Glossier haul - beauty

Millennial pink for the win

Everyone raves about the packaging and it is super cute! Everything is millennial pink. So it all looks GREAT in Instagram flatlay photos. (Duh, first use). They send you these cute Glossier stickers to decorate the bottles with. (I will probably give to the kiddos.) Also all of the items come in these pink, bubble-lined ziploc bags. I mean – how do I order more of those?! Totally using them to carry my liquids when flying.

Give me the good stuff

Alright onto the products. I ordered 4 different items based on Glossier haul videos/ blog posts I had seen from other bloggers such as Lydia, Hello October, and Kate La Vie. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin and preferences are different but at least you get a real view on how some of the products work and whether they are worth it!

Glossier haul - beauty
Balm dotcom – This must be the most talked about product that Glossier makes. It’s a thick balm, think vaseline based, that is good to moisturise your lips (which I always need) or really any dry skin needing nourishment. They come in 6 different scents. I ordered coconut and birthday cake based on some recs. I’ve only tried coconut so far and it’s heavenly! But I suggest only if you know you love coconut scented things. (The birthday cake I’m saving for a giveaway so keep your eyes open!) I put some of the balm on about an hour ago and my lips are still hydrated! I would say this is a great buy and the tube will last a while.

Perfecting skin tint (in medium)  Of all the items, I was most disappointed with this one. After hearing Lydia kind of rave about it, I wanted to give it a try. She had warned that it’s not a foundation – it’s more like a very light, tinted moisturiser. And it was even lighter than I had expected. You need to shake the bottle a decent amount to mix up the consistency. It’s quite watery when it comes out of the bottle. I used it for the first time with a foundation brush to blend it. But the bottle suggests using fingers. Perhaps I will do that next time and let you know how it goes after a few wears. After putting on bronzer and blush, it did grow on me a bit.

Glossier haul - beauty
I could see how this makes your own skin look better without overdoing it (as long as your own skin wasn’t as temperamental as mine!). I’ll keep using it, probably on those “no makeup days”, but I wouldn’t recommend unless you like super light coverage. I will continue to use my Armani power fabric foundation when I want a fuller coverage look.

Wowder powder (in light/ medium) – This product was made for all us oily folks! It’s basically a cheaper and (so far) less messy version of the Laura Mercier translucent powder. I’m a big fan of the LM powder – I use it on top of my fave concealer which helps it stay in place. However, I like that the Wowder powder is actually tinted. It also claims to have no flashback. This powder I actually bought after watching Marianna Hewitt’s Glossier haul. She recommends getting the dark colour which I might do next time as I feel like this one kind of erased my bronzer it was a bit too light. I also love that it comes in a clever jar that makes it so that all the loose powder stays in the bottom half. (Unlike the LM powder which gets everywhere.)

Boy brow (in brown) – My favourite thing of the entire Glossier haul! It’s an easy tool to fill in and shape your brows while keeping them in place all in one step. It reminds me of the Benefit gimme brow gel. However, the Glossier boy brow is cheaper by 43%! If you use the Benefit gel….I’d recommend you switch.

Glossier haul - beauty

On my wishlist

Definitely ordering more and more tubes of the boy brow! In both brown and clear….call me obsessed!!!

My friend recently told me about the Generation G lipstick. It’s a matte lipstick (looks just like a blotted lipstick) that wears really easily so it’s great for day or night. The price is also pretty great! Just £14.

I’m on the fence about the milk jelly cleanser. It’s had a lot of rave reviews but also some bloggers say that they aren’t big fans. I received a little sample to try in my Glossier haul and it seemed nice but I’m not sure it’s great at getting rid of all the waterproof eye makeup.

Final thoughts

I’ll have to update you all in a few months, once I’ve been using the products longer. (And when I add new ones into my beauty regime.) But so far I’m a big fan and can’t wait to try out more of their goodies. Hope you enjoyed reading about my Glossier haul.

If you’re inspired to buy any of the products above, use this link to get 10% off your first order!

Please note that I purchased all Glossier products myself. I did not receive any products as a gift nor was I compensated or asked to review these products by Glossier. All opinions are strictly my own. 


  • Marina Jurcic

    That BalmDotCom looks so yummy. I think I would also enjoy this brow gel-it sounds promising.

    • It’s really great!! I’m still loving both. Maybe the boy brow more. But that’s only because I have SO many chapsticks and balms. lol


  • Looks like a great haul, I really need a new eyebrow tool/ regimen because mine are out of hand lol. I visited your instagram as well, gorgeous feed!
    xoxo Falasha
    Bite My Fashion
    Instagram| Bloglovin’| Facebook

    • Aw you’re so sweet Falasha! Thanks for checking out my blog and IG. The boy brow is really great. I’m continuing to use it everyday. The best feature is that it really sets the hairs in place and kind of in that ‘messy but done’ way. Lol not sure if that makes sense but it’s a great product!


  • I must be the only person on the planet that hasn’t been drawn into the hype. The only product that interests me is their Cloud Paint. Good to hear you’re enjoying them though. 🙂 xx


  • I ordered the Milky jelly cleanser and I don’t think I would repurchase. Its an okay product, nothing out of the ordinary I would say. Great post!
    Vanessa x |

  • i really want to try the coconut balm dotcom! it looks amazing!

  • Mira G

    Finally! Was waiting for this post:) will try the brow gel and the matte lip soon,thank u!❤️

  • I’d love to try The Balm Dot Com, but I wasn’t impressed with the cleanser (desperately trying to finish using it now) or the moisturiser, sadly. Their packaging is so beautiful and appealing though!

    • Interesting about the cleanser! Perhaps I will not purchase. I’m really happy with my Dermalogic cleanser and, tbh, my skin does NOT like a lot of change. I totally agree about the packaging!! That’s how they get you! lol


  • Omg you’ve had food poisoning again?! Any restaurants in London I should avoid? On a serious note, I’m not sure where I’ve been hiding but how have I never heard of Glossier?!! xx

    • I have the WORST luck apparently. It was after dinner at our local pub in Surrey so you should be safe!! The first time was from my own cooking (well, just not heating up the meat properly we think. Still not sure). I think I only heard of Glossier because of all the hype from beauty bloggers I follow. The price are quite good but I think you need to do a decent amount of research to find the right products that work for you.


  • I constantly see Glossier. all around but have yet to try anything from them! I’ve always wanted to but I’ll definitely need to save up! Their products sounds amazing! 🙂

    xo, Chloe //

    • Haha same!! I just couldn’t resist the hype and finally ordered. If you can find a discount code I would defo take advantage of that. The one in my post above might still work for 10% off. After a few weeks of use I still love the boy brow. Not really using the tinted moisturiser though so I probably would not recommend that.


  • Oh no, hope you feel better soon! I reeeeally want to try the boy brow, it sounds totally up my street! x

    • Thank you dear! It took a few days but I finally managed to recover. I’m still loving the boy brow!!! Have you tried it yet?


  • Ms Tantrum

    I ordered phase 1 set from glossier. The cherry flavour in balm dot com as i wanted a tinted option due to pigmented lips. I like milky jelly cleanser but i have not tried removing makeup yet. I always use cleansing oils or balms to remove all makeup easily first and then go with a gentle cleanser. I am waiting for my second order to arrive. I did order boy brow so excited for that. Love your post as I was thinking of so many bits to pick, your post will be handy.

    Ash |

    • Oooooh that’s so exciting about your next order!! I think you’ll like boy brow. It’s a no fuss way to do your eyebrows which I am all about! That’s a fair point about using a balm or cleansing oil first before the jelly cleanser. Potentially that’s an option I can try. Although I really love my Dermalogica cleanser – it does both in one go which is so much quicker. We will see! Thanks for reading!


  • I still need to try Glossier! The Balm sitcom sounds wonderful. I’ve heard so many good things about Boy Brow. I also like the Laura Mercier powder so I guess I should try the Wonder Powder. Thanks for sharing!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    • Yes I think you’ll like the Wowder powder if you like the Laura Mercier powder. And it’s such a big price difference. I mean you can buy a Balm dotcom for the price diff!! (Always got to put it into terms of what else you can buy…lol). I’m excited to hear what you think! Thanks for reading.


    • Since writing my post I’ve decided I’m addicted to both the Balm dotcom and Boy brow. Hahaha they are amazing! Haven’t done a full face enough times with the Wowder powder to become obsessed yet but I have a feeling that I will soon. If you buy any of them do let me know what you think!


  • I’m going to wait until the hype has died down a bit. I’m only really interested in Cloud Paint. Xx

    Toni | sheergloss

    • That’s fair enough! Everyone is going crazy over them. Cloud paint sounds really cool. But I’m not a huge fan of cream blushes. I really just use my NARS orgasm – tried and tested fave!


  • That Balm dotcom in birthday cake and coconut sound heavenly! I love anything with those sweet flavors!

    • They are sooooo yummy!! If you like that, you will definitely love those!


  • Yiotou_La

    I wish Glossier shipped to my country, I would love to try their skincare products, I have on my list the milky jelly cleanser, I read and heard both great and not so great reviews but I would love to try it myself since I love to try new cleansers. xx


    • Aw maybe they will soon!! It seems like the UK was the first European country they were trying? So far I’m really loving their products. I’m not sure if I should order the milk jelly cleanser because I’ve heard both good/ and not good recs like you say! Thanks for reading 🙂


  • I think you’ve convinced me to get the wowder powder. Also can I just say we have the same taste in YouTubers it seems I love Marianna and Lydia. Great post!


    • Hahaha my baaaad!! But it’s really good! That’s so funny we like the same Youtubers. Those are 2 of my very faves!!! If you have others you love let me know!


  • Binny Shah-Patel

    This was so helpful lovely! I am tempted to order the balm xx

    • Thanks love!! It’s really nice. I’m slowly getting addicted to it!!!! In fact I am reapplying right now. Let me know what you think! xx