First 2017 holiday – skiing!

✈️✈️✈️ Well we kicked off April with our first 2017 holiday to Val Thorens, France. For sun, snow, skiing, après ski, pool/ spa time, beer and yummy food in the mountains. To be precise…☀️🌨❄️⛷🍻⛷🍝🍺⛷🍕🍔🍟🥂🍾🎿🍷🥃❄️

This was our third year heading to Val Thorens. It’s the highest ski resort in France so we were guaranteed lots of snow this time of year.

First 2017 holiday - ski slopes

Good morning from Val Thorens

If you gave me a choice of a beach versus ski holiday. Then it’s beach. Every. Single. Time. But since we have been doing this annual trip I enjoy being in the mountains more and more. With rosè up in the clouds…what’s not to love? Here’s a round up of my fav parts of our ski holiday…

Burning those calories

The most obvious reason I enjoy a good ski holiday is for the time on the slopes. I will admit I’m a complete baby when it comes to going down the steep ones. The first few days I’m still ‘finding my ski legs’ (aka courage) and by the middle of the trip I’m pretty comfortable going down primarily red runs. Ummm and this year I did my first black! Woop woop 🙌🏼! And I swear black by European standards are so much harder than in the US.

First 2017 holiday - skiing
Next year I’ve decided I’m going to do at least one day of private lessons. I know how to get down a slope fine (albeit it’s not always very fast 😂😂) but I think my technique could use some attention. And maybe going with an instructor will also force me to go down more of those terrifying black runs. I’m a little tired of being so nervous at the top!!

First 2017 holiday - skiing

On the ski lift

After skiing all day you really feel like you’ve earned your dinner and relaxation time!!!! …that means you definitely get pudding (🇺🇸= dessert), right? Well at least that’s the rule we live by. ☺️

Eating my weight in cheese

Everyone knows that the French love cheese. And in huge quantities. Up on the mountains is no exception. In fact, we totally give ourselves an excuse to eat more since we have been skiing all day. (Don’t you love that our first 2017 holiday involves millions of calories?!! 🙈)

First 2017 holiday - lunch

Escargot (in the foreground) & tartiflette

The lunches might be my favorite part. I mean look at these views while I enjoy my rosè and tartiflette. (Tartiflette is a classic French Alps dish with reblechon cheese, sliced potatoes, cream and usually bacon. 🥓 um, YES please.)

First 2017 holiday - lunch

Lounging by the pool err’day

All that skiing means I deserve some relaxation time by the pool in our hotel. This year our pool had a lovely view of the slopes and skiers passing by. It was really relaxing to lounge inside in the warmth but still see such pretty views of the mountains. They also had a great steam room and sauna that we took full advantage of! I will be posting a full review of our hotel in more detail later this week.

First 2017 holiday - the pool

Relaxing in the pool

Overall our first 2017 holiday was an amazing time. With lots of snow, skiing, friends, cheese and booze! (You can also enjoy it without the 🍷🍻🍺🍻….but who would want to?) I highly recommend Val Thorens for your next ski holiday!!

Have you been to VT before? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram and Twitter for more pics from our holiday.

  • This looks so fun!!! Girl, I was a baby going down the bunny hills in Colorado like seven years ago! I fell so many times so I just tell people that I know how to ski, I just can’t stop, lol!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    • Hahahahaha I’ve heard someone else say that before!! I can’t remember who though. That’s too funny. Yea it’s kind of hard – it uses muscles you’re just not used to using! It’s cray cray. But give it another shot. I guarantee you will get the hang of it and you will like it!