Discovering your ethos in London

One of my favourite boutique gyms in London is Ethos. Okay, it’s not a gym it’s more like a sanctuary. The Ethos team live a life dedicated to yoga, spinning, TRX and (extremely) sweaty barre sessions. Have you ever heard of a TRX yoga core class? Yea neither had I. And I also never knew I could sweat so much in an unheated yoga class!! 😹

Situated in bustling Spitalfields market, you will definitely find serenity (and sore abs) here. It’s located on the upper level, sitting slightly above the market’s beautiful chaos. A zone where a sweet golden retriever, Obree, greets you upon arrival and no shoes are allowed past the entry hallway. A few steps further you will walk through a dimly lit corridor with walls imprinted with Ethos’ house rules. My personal favourite? “Class begins when you are about to quit.” So true. (Took me a while to learn that!)

They clearly had a sense of humour when they designed Ethos. And that comes through even during the classes. There is no arrogance here. Beginners are welcomed and you will be given all the tools to become a yoga-ing, TRX-ing, plié-ing warrior. So long as you respect the instructors, pay attention and try to push yourself. (Goes without saying, right?)

Amazing instructors

There is a wide variety of classes here – so many that I haven’t even tried yet. But I like to stick to my favourites. And honestly, that’s any class that Jennifer Hersch, one of the co-founders, is teaching. She’s an incredibly inspiring person! When the studio first opened and I tried out the TRX yoga core classes, I often saw her young daughter (I mean, she must’ve been only 6 months when I saw her) hanging around the studio with (I believe) a babysitter/ nanny. And guess what? Jennifer was in STUNNING shape. I wouldn’t even have guessed she’d just had a baby 6 months ago. Talk about #goals 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

But along with the body envy, she encourages everyone to push themselves harder and that you can actually do it. She expects everyone to bring their ‘A game’ but she also knows how to make you smile and have fun during class. (And getting a compliment from her in class is the best feeling!) She is one of the best fitness instructors I have ever had – hands down!

The best (and toughest!) yoga class

If you’re new to working out, new to Ethos, or new to barre/ yoga. I would suggest trying out Jennifer’s classes. Personally my favourite is TRX yoga core. The burn is unreal. But Ballet Body Blast and Yoga Elemantala Flow are also great mind + body workouts.

The facilities at Ethos are really lovely. I believe the towels are complimentary (win! it’s annoying when places charge), lots of showers stocked with Cowshed products, hair dryers, Ghd straighteners, deodorant, and hair spray. The yoga room even had a trickling waterfall for goodness’ sake!! Can you find anything more peaceful than that? 🙏🏼🕯💕*ommmmmmm*

Become an Ethos warrior

You’re probably wondering if I have anything negative at all to say about Ethos? No. Not really is the answer. If I must find a fault, then I guess I’d say the automatic shut off on the showers. But can I really complain about something that’s probably less wasteful. Plié-ing warriors should probably be green anyway. 😊💚

Let me know if you have taken a class at Ethos and what you think in the comments below. Another one of my favourite workouts is Lagree…read about my experience in this post….

  • I love places that have a sense of humor like this, haha! I’m not really a yoga kind of gal, but I’ll do it every once in awhile. This place sounds amazing!

    • Loubis & Leggings

      It’s so cute isn’t it?! Yoga isn’t for everyone but they do try to make it fun at Ethos. I wish you were here I’d take you to a class!!!! What workouts do you prefer?


      • It is! Awww, when I visit someday, we are GOING! I prefer to do some kind of sport (I was a dancer for six years), weight training and really like boxing a lot (I need to go back)! What do you do besides yoga?

        • You’ve got yourself a deal!! What kind of dance did you do? I did ballet for probably 6-7 years (can’t remember any more!). I stopped because it was taking over my life and I was only 13/14. Didn’t want to be a professional ballerina. But I did love it for the time I did it!

          I’m OBSESSED with boxing. It is the best workout to relieve stress, feel like a bad-a$$, and to get really toned arms and shoulders. It has been great for my pre-wedding workout! I try to do it once a week. This week I haven’t because of my stupid injured toe. I go to a place here called 1Rebel and you do maybe 10 minutes of intense boxing and then 5 minutes of HIIT workouts (burpees, squat jumps etc). It is fantastic and addictive.

          Other workouts I love are Lagree (it’s insane / AMAZING), weight lifting, and pilates on a reformer machine.


          • I did drill team dance so everything from lyrical, hip hop, pom-pom, jazz, military and kick routines. Awww, we’re dancers too?! Hey, dance never leaves you.

            I prefer boxing because it works out your entire body! I was sore for three whole days after my first-ever session a few years ago. The instructor told us he got his abs in two months time and I SO believe him, lol! Not going to lie. I hate HIIT, but not as much as cardio (unless it’s dance), haha! I like pilates and did my first workout on a reformer machine about a year or so ago, but if I had to pick, boxing is my first love because I do feel like I could give Bond a run for his money, ha!

            She Sweats Diamonds

          • How fun!!! I’m sure you were amazing. When did you stop? And yes I agree it never leaves you!


  • Denay DeGuzman

    I live in California and we could really use an Ethos over here! I love the House Rules pic you posted. Rule #3 is so perfect: Complain less, offer more. That should be a general rule in everyday life, 24/7. I enjoyed having a sneak peek of this fabulous workout facility in London. 🙂

    • Where in CA are you based? I’m sure you have some wonderful places as well! The #3 rule is a great one. So many people forget it during the day to day…myself included!

      Thanks for real Dong love!


  • Wow I’ve never heard of one of these places before! At times like this I wish I lived in the city ahhh, it sounds amazing! 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    • Just followed you on both love! 😘 Hopefully you can find me as well. The city is getting a lot better for workout boutiques and gyms. They are fun to try out!

      But you’re based in the Lake District!!!! I’ve been dying to visit. Looks soooooo beautiful. Hoping to make it there next summer. This year is a bit packed with upcoming wedding/ honeymoon. What’s your go to workout spot in the Lake District?


  • Lisa

    This looks amazing! I wish I lived in London I would totally join! My favorite is the women/men sign! Haha!



      Hahaha I love that sign too! Always makes me giggle. It’s a great little studio. Have you done barre in the Midwest before? Their barre class is like pure barre mixed with actual ballet moves. So fun and a great workout! xx

    • Hahaha I love that sign as well! Haven’t shown it to my fiancé yet…wonder what he’d think of that.

      The classes are a good challenge. Hopefully you can find something Midwest based that is similar! Have you done any barre or yoga classes that you love? I will have to add them to my list when I visit the US.


  • TRX Yoga?! Dang. Sounds intense…and amazing. I lived in London for three months and miss it badly. This place seems so awesome and I love the look of the studio too! Btw, I got your comment on my blog…I’m also from Minnesota! I grew up in Woodbury…what about you?!



      Hi Jen!! Hahaha it IS intense!!!! But so worth the burn. I actually need to book in again and go back. So I can’t remember the neighborhood I was born in – we moved to Cincinnati OH when I was 4! But MN was lovely every time we went back to visit. When were you in London? Any plans to visit soon? xx

    • Haha it is seriously intense!!! But sooooo worth it 🙂 Too bad you’re not still here. It would be so fun to meet up for classes. It’s an amazing studio.

      So I don’t remember the neighborhood where I grew up in MN. But I always loved going back to visit! We moved to Cincinnati OH when I was 4. Still Midwest!! Any plans to visit Europe anytime soon?