Casual outfit perfect for running errands

Today I got to play my role as stepmum while I watched my fiancé’s two little ones. This casual outfit is so cosy and has been a go to on the days when I need to look somewhere between “pajama day” and “I’m heading to the office”. Biker chic? Rocker chic? Yes please. 🙋🏻

Casual outfit
These booties in particular are …👌🏽. Really glad I got them a few months ago after having them in my Nordstrom shopping basket for a while. I hadn’t heard of the brand before but they were an amazing purchase! How did I not have black booties before with a low heel? They can take a casual outfit to a dressy outfit pretty easily. Plus I can actually walk around in the city without wanting to cry.

The jeans are my favourite – they stretch out so much that I’d probably go down a size if I bought them again. They are linked in this post from March. There is a reason I also have them in black and grey!

The little faux leather peplum jacket is a great item that jazzes up an outfit. The extra layer pulls the outfit together and makes it look a bit like an entire outfit. I got it from Zara last winter but I’ve linked a few similar jackets in the widget below. The suede one is hanging out in my Nordstrom basket. And the price isn’t terrible especially for suede!

I will definitely wear this casual outfit a few more times this spring. And to dress it up perhaps a lacy tank underneath?! (I love the contract of lace & leather 😍😍😍).

Hope you lovelies are all having a wonderful week! Friday is almost here – woo! What are your outfit favs when running errands? Let me know in the comments below!

  • If I could, I’d live in jeans, a tee, a moto jacket and booties all year round! I guess I’d have to move to Northern California for that, hahah!

    She Sweats Diamonds