The beauty items you need – even on a budget!

In the past 6 months I have become a huge fan of perusing the websites of my fav bloggers. One of the reasons for that is for their beauty recommendations. It has been extremely helpful to read about other people’s best beauty items to see if they actually do what they are supposed to and if they are worth the price. Especially as you can’t return beauty items! I wanted to do the same for you all….starting with some great drugstore (🇬🇧: chemist) finds ☺️

  1. Wet brush – LOVE the wet brush!! (As you can see see I own two of them!! Leopard and pink…I’m so predictable😆) Everyone in the UK uses the tangle teezer and I am just not a fan. It’s not strong enough for this thick, unruly hair. And I think it contributes to a lot of breakage on my ends. Perhaps it’s better with fine hair? The Wet brush bristles are so forgiving – I can feel them bend and move when I try and brush out knots which gives me confidence it’s not contributing to the breakage. It reminds me of the brush I had when I was a kid and my scalp was super sensitive when my mom brushed it. The bristles also give your head a nice little massage – it’s just looooovely. I’ve linked to the Wet brush on…It’s a great website that I’ve ordered from a few times. They are usually always offering a deal so keep your eyes out! (Currently I can see at least 15% off your order.)
  2. Miss Manga mascara – I heard about this mascara (by L’Oreal) from a blogger/ vlogger that I follow. She uses a coat of this and then follows it up with Too Faced’s ‘Better than Sex’ mascara (which holy cow is AMAZING). Since I agree with her on the ‘Better than Sex’ mascara I decided to trust her recommendation on this L’Oreal mascara (plus it’s about £7 at Boots so if I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t really break the bank). It’s pretty great! And I don’t feel guilty using more than one coat as it’s such a reasonable price. My lashes look super long afterwards. I would just recommend curling your lashes before as it really just lengthens and doesn’t curl. So make sure to pick up this mascara! – Look for the hot pink cap 😍
  3. Dry shampoo & conditioner – I have had some issues with dry shampoo given my dark hair. The normal one from Batiste actually shows up and then makes my black hair look grey. NOT a good look! I’ve even tried the one with dark colouring made for brunettes and the dark colour comes off on my fingers?! And on my leopard print Wet brush (…unacceptable!!) I decided to try this one – I don’t know why, as it’s also from Batiste – but it’s actually great. The colour doesn’t show up on my hair, the smell is lovely and tropical and it really does make my hair feel conditioned. Thumbs up!
  4. Make up brushes & sponge – If you’re looking for decent make up brushes but can’t justify spending £30 on a single brush (I mean….that’s cray cray right?!) well then the Real Techniques brushes are perfect for you. And their version of the Beauty Blender is perfect. It’s just a sponge after all?! The Beauty Blender is £16 – whereas with RT, you can get 4 for the same price! I also have the Real Techniques foundation brush (called the ‘expert face brush’) which is good. I admit I love my MAC and Bobbi Brown foundation brushes more but for that price I really can’t fault it!
  5. Deodorant Removing Sponge – YUP, someone decided they were sick of those annoying deodorant marks on clothes and decided to make the most amazing life hack EVER. So I bought this on a whim when I was in NYC in November and had to get my fill of Duane Reade/ CVS (almost as bad as my Target obsession). I had really hoped it would work but kind of thought it was one of those gimmicks. I was wrong! This thing has been amazing. And I just keep it in my vanity drawer and use it when I do a final check of my outfit. Major win! 👌🏽
  6. Soap & Glory everything – I picked up their body scrub after a recommendation from a friend. It’s wonderful and really does a great job at exfoliating my skin. My skin is baby soft after I use it! After that I decided to try a few other products….their body wash, another body scrub, their bubble bath, body lotion, hand lotion, hand sanitiser….I love it ALL. It all smells so nice (even my fiancé loves the smell) and it’s inexpensive! Thank goodness because I can’t afford to buy all designer/ name brand beauty stuff. And who really can?? Soap & Glory is just wonderful and they continue to knock it out of the park for me. On that same NYC trip I saw that they are now being carried in Duane Reade etc which is great if you’re in the US! (‘Merica!)
  7. L’Oreal infallible lip gloss – I’m obsessed. These were a random buy when I bought my Miss Manga mascara (see #2 above). And I am SOOOOO happy with them. I have two colours. Both have had the colour stickers come off so I’m going to guess on colour names (sorry!) – think they are ‘I got the power’ and ‘Hold me close’ (I’m a little iffy on whether the latter is right…..). The ‘I got the power’ colour is this insanely gorgeous beige-y nude which is my FAV. The gloss is so pretty – it’s not sticky at all and it’s not shimmery (i.e. glitter) which is good because I am not a fan of glitter lip gloss. It’s just not flattering on me. Hint: L’Oreal stuff is usually always buy 3 get 1 free or something at Boots/ Superdrug so that’s a win with the mascara and 2 lip glosses! At these prices you can apply after every coffee/ tea and it won’t hurt your wallet!
  8. Chapstick/ Carmex – I have an unhealthy relationship with Chapstick. This is one of those essential beauty items for me. And yea it needs to be the medicated flavour. (Flavour? Is that a flavour…no I don’t eat it. Hmmm let’s go with scent?🙈) I think I like that scent because it’s a bit minty? Carmex also works. Oh and bonus! Carmex now comes in the proper form…as a stick. Not that stupid pot so I have to get my finger all mucky! Although I found it (and stocked up) in the US and haven’t seen the sticks in the UK…..hopefully soon! Make sure those lips are pucker worthy!!!! 💋💋

As I mentioned in my Instagram post, hopefully you save a bit of ££/$$ with these beauty finds. I am so happy that I’m spending less on mascara, body wash/ lotion, etc. MO MONEY, MO MANOLOS. #amiright hahaha. Just kidding. Only not at all.

Let me know what you love! And if you have any drugstore/ chemist beauty items that I need in my life ASAP I would really appreciate it if you add them to the comments below!! 👇🏼

  • Carmex is one of my first drugstore loves! I also keep going back to the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara and the Great Lashes one (pink and green tube)!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    • I HAVE to have Carmex or Chapstick in my bag at all times. Otherwise I legit stress out!! haha. Nothing else can replace those two. The Nivea lip balm just does not work for me. They don’t sell the Great Lashes one in the UK! Not that I’ve seen at least?! But to be honest I can’t stop using the ‘Better than Sex’ mascara from TooFaced which I wrote about in 6 essential products in my everyday makeup routine. It’s simply AMAZE-ing!