I’m so excited!! I’m so…scared. Learning to blog

Wow! It’s been a bit over a week since I launched my blog (….and related social media accounts!) Woooo! 🍾 🥂

In many ways it feels like it’s been longer. And I think that has to do with the sheer volume of stuff I’ve had to learn, mess up, Google how to fix, and then actually fix. 

Not only is blogging a whole other world – but there’s a whole other language to go with it! I had thought about doing this for so long. Since I’m currently on a career break (fancy speak for ‘unemployed’ hahaha) and lacking any sort of clear direction in life, I decided to dive in head first (well, once a good friend talked me into it. Thanks SB! 😘).

Workin’ on the train 🚂 

A few of my favourite bloggers do a ‘Friday’s Five’ post highlighting their 5 favourite things.  After reading an inspiring post from my fellow blogger friend Maggie of Planes & Champagne covering 30 things she’s learned in her first 3 months of blogging. (SUPER useful!!! Highly recommend you read it if you are just starting out like me! I also recommend reading her blog in general. It’s beautifully done and has so many useful travel recommendations. Currently she’s on an Asian adventure and I am trying to live vicariously through her.) …I decided to combine the 2 ideas. So here we go with my Friday’s 5 biggest lessons I’ve learned since I launched!….

  1. It takes time – and a lot at that! I thought it would be easy to bang out a post in an hour. Nope. I’m putting myself completely out there and I want it to be perfect. (Cue the headline of this post! If you didn’t watch Saved by the Bell as a kid – you are either too young, not American, or just had a completely deprived childhood.) Therefore every little detail matters. Every photo, every word, every look. And boy does that take time to do! I now bring the laptop everywhere and write / edit in every place where I am stood still (currently writing from my phone app on the train home – while standing. An hour ago I was writing in my yoga class before it started…ommmmm). My goal is to work on being more efficient.
  2. Be authentic – I kind of figured this from the start based on why I enjoy reading the blogs that I follow. But the feedback I’ve already received solidifies that you need to be YOU. Write about the things you are passionate about! And write as if you are talking to your mates. It makes a difference. Being authentic and keeping things interesting may be challenging. So I have started to brainstorm lists of future posts to make sure the creative juices are always flowing!
  3. Google is your new BFF – I had no clue what I was doing. Didn’t even know what a self-hosted blog was. So I Googled it. (While we are at it, I should thank YouTube.) Amazingly, there are so many people who have been down this path before and kindly want to share their knowledge which has made this journey 1,000 times easier. (Although it’s still hard. Took me 3 hours to get one widget to look right. But…worth it.) If you’d like to know which advice I followed and would recommend – comment below and I’m happy to share!
  4. Finding your niche and being consistent is everything – Admittedly, I’m still working on this. I have figured out what I’m passionate about and what I’d like to post about (*cough* fashion *cough* fitness). You should also be consistent with the theme of your photos – and even the color balance, material, angle/ perspective. That’s a lot to keep in mind! I feel like my blog and social media posts are a bit sporadic right now as I’m just starting out. But hopefully it starts to come together in my head and for all of you.
  5. Don’t overlook engaging with your followers and other bloggers – Thank people for taking time out of their day to read your posts and commenting on your pictures. It doesn’t take long and goes a long way. Read and comment on the blogs that you love. But be authentic – don’t do it just to get followers. People will see right through that. Comment because you enjoyed the content and you want to see more or you have a related Q. I’m still working on this. It also takes a lot of time but it’s important!!! I have SO much to learn in this space. Like joining in on blogger related Twitter chats. I don’t even know what that really means but game ON! This last point I discovered only recently from the Planes & Champagne post. (See, so grateful for other people sharing their knowledge!) Baby steps!!!

Editing this post from the couch…after a class at Yotopia 💕🙏🏼 

Oh actually I think I will add a bonus in because this was another key lesson. I realized it is incredibly rewarding. It’s this thing that I’ve created and put out there in a little corner of the internet for anyone to read. I’m seriously enjoying every moment of it!

I could add more to this list but I’ll save it for next time 😊

Any of you just getting going with your blog? Or experts that have done it for years? I’d love any tips and advice you can share!!

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  • Those are great tips… Congrats on the new blog.
    Been blogging for 8 years. I’ve gone from almost giving up to on and off blogging. All I can say is keep an inspiration and keep the passion burning. When your burn out, remember that its okay to take a break.
    Looking forward to rad more of your blog post. 🙂

    (◕‿◕✿) EmoteraGoddess.com | Instagram | Bloglovin

    • Hi love!

      Aw aren’t you sweet?! I appreciate the words of inspiration. I actually just came back from about 2 months off that I took around my wedding and honeymoon. (Sorry for the delayed response!!!) I wanted to dive right in after the honeymoon but was just distracted and uninterested in writing anything/ did not have enough creative juices flowing for pics.

      But now I have a renewed sense of energy about it all. And yes it seems that it is okay to take a break from it every once in a well. How is it going for you right now? 8 years is a long time! I’m very impressed because this is HARD work!!!! Although it is very rewarding. I hope things are picking up for you and you’re feeling inspired!!

      Have a wonderful day!


  • hannah

    I couldn’t agree more! I really thought writing a post and publishing it could be done an a couple of hours… really not the case! I’m also still trying to find my audience… That part is hard! Let’s see where we both are next year?! The important thing is to not give up 🙂 xxx

    • Hi lovebug!!! You’re right, keeping up with it is key. And clearly, you are doing an amazing job!!! I love it! As I mentioned, I’m just getting back into the swing of things post wedding/ honeymoon. It’s pretty hard – not going to lie!

      I’m enjoying the blogging so much. It’s rewarding! Just takes a lot of time and I am learning so much when it comes to photographs. (Meaning, I don’t know much at all.) I’m so self critical that I never end up liking them. hahaha. But we will keep at it! Any plans to come to London soon?

      Hope you’re having a wonderful week!


  • I’ve been blogging for over 12 years, but for about half of it, I blogged from a “dear diary” standpoint. The other six years were on and off because I wasn’t confident in myself. Now, I am! SO thankful our paths crossed, love! You KNOW I’m helping you with blogging because someday, we’ll be going to events together! xo

    She Sweats Diamonds

    • Awwww I CANNOT WAIT for that day!!!!! You’re such a sweetheart. Thank goodness for Lydia otherwise I never would’ve known you. I’m so glad you’re confident in yourself now!! Your blog posts are so well written, beautiful in their imagery, and unique. I really respect that you try to be you through and through. That’s hard to find these days in our world!! You’ve been such a help to me. I hope one day I can repay the favour. Love ya!