How to plan the best wedding ever

best wedding ever

Walking into the sunset with my new hubby

We got married!!!!! Just a bit over 1 month ago. I’m a wife!! It’s so awesome and crazy. Our wedding was perfect. Coming back from two weeks in Italy before the wedding and two weeks on honeymoon has been hard! The struggle is real, people (lol). About the whole process, I learned so many things along the way that I thought it would be really cool and useful to do a whole blog post series having to do with planning the best wedding ever! Our wedding really was our best day ever – and I want to share my advice with others so that everyone can have that feeling.

best wedding ever

Our romantic wedding dinner setting

To kick things off I’m sharing in this blog post my top 5 tips to planning the best wedding ever. For all you current brides and future brides (or grooms for that matter!). Looking back on our wedding I’m so glad I had these 5 things in mind during the whole engagement period.

#1 Enjoy the process and try your best not to stress out

Your wedding is about showing your love and commitment to your partner in front of all your loved ones. Don’t lose sight of that! Not only do you want the day to be fun but the whole process should be enjoyable. It also helps make it feel as if it didn’t just zoom by. I don’t know about you but I wanted to soak up every second and every ounce of being a bride, being engaged, and sharing that with the one I love most.

Every step of wedding planning can be fun. From deciding on the menu to picking out your wedding dress. I had so much fun being spoiled trying on gorgeous dresses. This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t have taken time to just relax and appreciate each step of the way.

#2 Consult with your partner – it’s his/ her wedding too!

I think brides can occassionally get carried away with all the wedding planning and want to do it all. (Because, let’s face it, it’s so much fun to plan!) But guys want to be consulted on aspects of the wedding as well. It’s their special day too. You never know, your partner might be really keen to have a certain menu or certain band/ DJ. It isn’t fair to just have it completely your way – it’s their special day too and they also want to have the best wedding ever. Keeping that in mind will only help you further down the road in your marriage. 😉

#3 Prioritise which aspects of the wedding are most important

My husband (!!) and I sat down a few times in the beginning to just talk through what feel we wanted for the wedding and what parts we cared about the most. It was really helpful because it allowed us to shape our wedding day better. And if you are on a tight budget it’s very helpful to focus more of that budget on the most important areas.

For our big day, we agreed that the most important aspects to make sure we had the best wedding ever was (1) a gorgeous and romantic venue, all outside, (2) a band which played current pop/ hip-hop hits, and (3) delicious food to ‘wow’ our guests. We weren’t too picky about the ceremony and table decor. We just knew we wanted the decor to look nice and unique. (Saying that, our florists did an INCREDIBLE job and I was blown away by their work!!). I highly recommend using Pinterest to save your wedding ideas and pin how you want your wedding to look. I did, and in came in so useful! If you follow me on Pinterest you can check out some of my wedding boards inspo.

#4 Give yourself enough time

We got engaged in February 2016 and numerous people asked me if we would get married that summer. I never actually entertained the thought. It just seemed too stressful! A lot of my family and friends are in the US (& one BFF in Australia!) and they would need advanced warning to get the best deals on travel. So my husband and I decided summer 2017 would be best. I’m so glad we chose that date and gave ourselves so much time. There were so many things to accomplish – maybe not in the beginning but it quickly ramped up 9 months out from the wedding. Without giving ourselves enough time, I’m not sure we would’ve been able to get all the details right. (And yes the details DO matter but only to a certain extent.) Things such as the ceremony programs, table names, place cards, and on and on.

#5 Do a little bit of wedmin each week

This coincides with tip #4 above. If you give yourself all of this time to plan – you’d better take advantage of it! I found this easiest to accomplish by doing a little bit each week. Okay, fine, some weeks I did nothing and other weeks I did a lot! But I tried to be diligent and get at least one wedding task done a week. It really helped to ease the pressure. I still felt that the last month I had too much to finalise compared to my ideal plan. But, hey, it all got done!

I mentioned before that the details do matter, up until a certain point. What I mean by that was that if you want certain favours, certain place cards, or certain programs then you should go for it! It’s your wedding day! But right before the day and on the day, you’ll need to just let the little things go. Not everything will go according to plan. But it will go mostly according to plan and that’s all that matters. If you let yourself get worked up about it, then you won’t enjoy it and you will bring others down around you. It will all be fine and if you take my advice onboard I’m sure you will also have the best wedding ever!

best wedding ever

Beginning our lives as Mr & Mrs

Let me know, in the comments below, if you have any other advice for planning a fantastic wedding. I love to hear about everyone’s wedding stories!

All of our gorgeous wedding photos, featured in this post, were taken by Alice Falzone of Mosca Studio







  • Your wedding looked like THE DREAM. Your dress, the venue – everything! Huge, huge, huge, congratulations! xx

    • Aw thanks Jamie – you’re so sweet!!! I, of course, absolutely loved it. I want to do it all over again…wahhhh! hahaha. But I guess staring at the pics will have to do!


  • Loved reading this and looking at your photos…I still can’t believe we married at the same venue!! Cannot wait to catch up in person next month and hear all about it xx

    • Oh my gosh I KNOW!!!! Still so crazy but I love that we have that in common 🙂 Champagne was lovely and I’m still buzzing from it (from the inspirational career chat, not the alcohol lol). Love you and hope you’re having an AMAZING day!!!


  • Congratulations on getting married! It looks like you had such a beautiful wedding! I can’t get over how gorgeous the dinner setting was! I’ll be sharing these tips with my friends who are engaged!

    • Aww thanks Tracy!! It turned out so so SO well! I couldn’t be happier. It was such a special day. And thank you for your sweet words about the dinner setting!!! I was blown away as well. I mean the string lights and the castle were really just everything!!!

      Yes please do share with your friends! More will be coming out – a whole wedding series to help out engaged couples. Do you know if there are any particular issues or items they need help with? Happy to share my experience directly!