My name is Mayling Liu-Sontag….I’m the girl behind the Loubis. (Ok fiiiine, I’m in leggings.)

I’m an American girl. 🇺🇸 based in London. I am a lover of all things fashion, especially when it comes to Louboutins. They are my first true love. I used to always want to be the girl who is able to look perfect every day, decked out in designer heels and dresses.

But that is not. real. life. (*sigh*)

These days I love my leggings as much as I love my Loubs. Not only are they comfy but I’ve discovered a new love for working out. Especially in the run up to my wedding (in August!!!)

In November 2016, I resigned from my job as an accountant in the financial services world to pursue what I really love. I wanted to find a job in the retail industry (clothing, shoes, luxury goods, beauty) and am still looking for that perfect job. But in the meantime, with my love for fashion & fitness, I was inspired to bring you my personal style (which mixes luxury goods with great deals), shopping, working out and lifestyle tips through this blog. And hopefully I can learn a lot from you all in the process!


I always love to hear from you guys so please leave me lots of comments 😊 You can also always tweet me @loubisleggings or email me on loubisandleggings@gmail.com.

If you’re interested in working with me then please contact me on loubisandleggings@gmail.com.


Occasionally, where relevant, I will use affiliate links in my blog posts. These links mean that I earn a small (teeny) commission when you click on the link or buy a product that I love but it makes no difference to you at all as the reader.

I only support products that I truly believe in and that I believe represent value for money. I would never push a product that I didn’t love myself.

Any items that have been gifted to me will be explicitly noted in the blog post.


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